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 About the artist

   Anna Szabo, a member of The Royal Kennel Club and The British Horse Association, is an acclaimed Hungarian artist who has been commissioned to photograph horses, dogs, people, various products and weddings in more than forty countries in Europe, Australia, Central America and Africa, as well as in 8 different states in the USA.

   In 2024, she is going to be touring in Japan, Chile and in the Middle East as well. Last year, she had the honour of attending the RKC Garden Party at Buckingham Palace. 

   Whereas she mostly creates art for individual clients to enjoy either in their homes, public domains (such as hotels, clinics, offices, digital platforms etc) or use for their businesses, her work is regularly featured on front covers of the leading canine literature, especially in the United Kingdom, and are often published in print in various magazines, brochures and books each year.

    "My photography is a mere reflection of my adoration of beauty, especially that of nature and people. I tend to play with various different themes and styles, depending on my subject and what I try to express. Whether calm or dynamic, realist or abstract, touching or cheerfully light, p
icturesque or minimalist, it's extremely important for me that my work reach the audience in a deeper level.
     Finding a visual voice to speak to people on an
almost transcendent level is both the greatest challenge and greatest thrill of the process of creating art. I'm fascinated with how powerfully light and the spirituality of emotions can pervade one's canvas. I see each and every new session as a new love affair."

240677229_10223699808116154_6259638895684794663_n (1).jpg

 Her involvement in charities   

   Last year, in collaboration with London International Horse Show, she embarked on a year-long project to produce a selection of captivating fine art prints for a world class auction to raise funds for the show’s official charity, the King’s Troop Foundation. The donation and the project is to be completed at Royal Windsor Horse this coming May.

   Charities have always been an important part of her life. During the spring lockdowns in 2020, she ran a series of photo sessions in Sweden of which income she donated to three different COVID relief foundations. The grand total of these don
ations counted more than 10500 euros. Later that year, her clients wrote a book about her charity tour, copies of which were sold to four different continents.   

   She also had the honour of playing a leading role in an auction with The Kennel Club Charitable Trust to raise funds for their 'Ukraine appeal' campaign in 2023. Previously, she has successfully led a charity campaign in the Netherlands and Italy as well. 


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